We are constantly being bombarded with bad news. It's not just that we see it on the nightly news, hear it at the water cooler, and read it on the Internet. It's quite possible that the worst news of all is the assessment we give ourselves when we look in the mirror. It's easy to be not all that thrilled with what we see.

For that reason, I'm excited to be the pastor of Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Pooler. It is such a blessing that God fills our ears with news so good that it more than drowns out all the bad. God loves us unconditionally. Christ has paid for our sins completely. It's my privilege to be here to share Christ and the power of his resurrection with the people of this community.

In 1999, I married Angela. The Lord has blessed our life together with five children: Caleb (19), Abigail (17), Naomi (14), Lydia (11), and Asher (9). My family and I moved to the Savannah area in November 2011. I have served in a variety of mission fields including Canada and California.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Know that you are always welcome. Feel free to email me or call (912.925.9431) if I can help in any way.

Pastor Brian Pechman