Tuition Information
Risen Savior Christian Academy
Tuition & Fees for 2019-2020 School Year
At Risen Savior we believe that quality, Christian education is something that all children should be able to have and something that all parents should be able to afford. Thus...we are proud to offer very affordable rates for our Preschool and Elementary levels!

Because we believe that every child and every family has the right to excellent care and education, we are determined to make child care and education affordable for all! Additionally...monthly p
ayment plans are available for family convenience.

RSCA offers a discount on the registration fee for active duty military. 

Our tuition and fees are as follows:


Registration Fee            
  • All preschool students - $200 (due at time of registration to hold student's spot)
2 year-old
  • half days/week - $220 per month  (Tuesday-Thursday only)
  • Supply fee - $100/year
3 year-old
  • half days/week - $305 per month  
  • half days/week - $250 per month  (Monday-Wednesday-Friday only)
  • Supply fee...5 days/week - $200/year
  • Supply fee...3 days/week - $145/year
4 year-old
  • half days/week - $305 per month  
  • half days/week - $250 per month  (Monday-Wednesday-Friday only)
  • Supply fee...5 days/week - $200/year
  • Supply fee...3 days/week - $145/year

Child-Care Options
  • Lunch Bunch - $50 per month for 12:00-1:00pm (three and four year-olds only)
  • Mid-Day Care - $150 per month for 12:00-3:30pm (four year-olds only)
  • Extended Care - $300 per month for 12:00-6:00pm (four year-olds only)

Student Fees            
  • Yearly registration fee - $300 (due at time of registration to hold student's spot)
  • Yearly technology fee - $350
  • Yearly tuition - $5,850

Child-Care Options
  • Before School Care - $6 per day for 7:30-8:45am
  • After School Care - $12 per day for 3:45-6:00pm

Please Note: All Risen Savior students receive a tuition grant of $1,000...already taken off the tuition prices. Families who may need additional tuition grants are able to apply through our partner, TADS (, for limited grants (4 year-old and up) from the Georgia tax scholarship for private schools. These grants are distributed through Risen Savior Christian Academy.

A multiple-child discount will apply to those who have at least one child enrolled at the elementary level of RSCA.

For more information about RSCA's programs or to reserve a spot,

please e-mail us 
or call us at 912.925.9431

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