Georgia Tax Scholarship
Thanks to you and your generosity this fall, Risen Savior Christian Academy helped 6 students to attend RSCA through the Georgia Student Scholarship Fund, part of the Georgia Private School Tax Credit program. If 30 families participate at the $2,500 level…Risen Savior Christian Academy can raise $75,000 to fund financial aid during the 2019-20 school year. We thank you for your past participation and hope that you will consider participating again in 2019 to continue this worthy endeavor.
You may direct the use of your Georgia tax dollars to benefit Risen Savior students. Ultimately, there is no out of pocket commitment on your part…but the program does require an initial contribution by you. Your contribution is registered with Georgia and you are then able to claim a tax credit for the full amount of your initial contribution when you file your state tax return next year.
Please consider the following:
  • Applications begin processing on January 1, 2019 and the deadline is when the $100 million cap is met (last year is was met on the first day).
  • Up to $100 million in state tax credits is available on a first come first served basis.
  • The maximum contribution is $2,500 (married filling jointly) and $1,000 (filing single).
  • Owner or member of an LLC, sub S-Corp, Partnership or other pass through identity up to $10,000 or your actual 2019 Georgia tax liability.
  • C-Corp or Trust up to 75% of 2019 Georgia tax liability.
  • GaSSO will do most of the work for you. Complete the application process at GaSSO’s website. GASSO will review the forms, make sure all the application is complete, submit them to the Department of Revenue, and track the progress until it is finalized.
You are asked to act now…before January 1. Please don’t miss the opportunity to redirect your Georgia taxes to Risen Savior Christian Academy. You may also report a charitable gift tax deduction on your Federal income tax return. If you have questions, please contact Mark Thiesfeldt at 912.925.9431.
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